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Friday, February 09, 2007

If Apple made weapons

Think about the innovation! I'm looking at these pathetic iRobots and thinking, "these are so primitive!" I know the Pentagon is low on style and high on rugged tough looks, but the functionality... won't someone think of the funtionality!

Ah, if we brought that Apple magic to the war machine. They should be building swarms of these lightweight, single-purpose, efficient and sleek instectoid things. Imagine a cross between an iPod and a Wowwee dragonfly... Arm them with stunners (light and sound), controlled in a nice 3/4-view top-down display ala Command & Conquer. Except you're controlling the bees from 720ยบ. Where are all those used Pippins?

Then Steve can say:

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Jamie said...

(stargate reference)

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