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Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm noticing a lot of reaction to Steve Jobs throwing down the gauntlet before the music biz. If you recall, he paints 3 scenarios as we go forward with the digitization of our analog world. The 3rd, his preference, is that we stop all this DRM baloney and just start selling with wild abandon. I think he's ready for the iPod to stand on its own...

But the responses don't appear to acknowledge what Steve is asking for. In fact, many ignore his points altogether, let alone his primary plea: put an end to DRM forever. The RIAA (who missed the cluetrain about a decade ago) thought Steve wanted to license Fairplay DRM (bzzzzt, wrong). Michael Robertson (the Linspire boss) thought Steve said he wants to change formats to MP3 (bzzzzt, again, wrong, AAC is an acoustically superior format). I caught a few more folks blabbing about how they'd love to license Fairplay, etc...

People, please, RTFA. Steve wants DRM gone. For music anyway. More proof that knowing really is half the battle.

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