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Friday, February 02, 2007

Time traveling lameness

I'm certainly not referring to this rad Tardis USB hub. You see, I happened to check my Google customized home page and in the "Technology" feed I've added (which came pre-loaded with content), I see this article on some website called Playfuls. The article in question is about iTunes on Vista not working.

Now never mind Apple issued a fixer app to play your purchased tunes, as TUAW has already reported today. So the article in question is inaccurate, but there's something more... The publish date is set to Feb. 3, at 3 AM! Now, at first I thought I had travelled through time. Then I discovered (I think anyway, the only contact is via email, and there's no "about us") it's a Romanian site.

My only question is how this wound up as some pre-loaded content from Google...

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