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Monday, May 16, 2011

Today's douchebag!

"@jeffshawman: @austinlavoie After reading that article, I realize that @tuaw sucks. 2006 brought easypay, but it wasn't iPod based, it was windows."

Well, thank god the universe was spared that glaring error! It must be awesome to sit in your cheeto-encrusted shirt and adult diaper and laugh at those who fail to be as big a loser as you are. I know and do some pretty geeky shit, but to denigrate the hard work of a dozen people because of a simple error made on a weekend just reeks of entitlement. I would love nothing more that to drop people like this into the middle of Darfur or Haiti or the hinterlands of most of the rest of the planet without Netflix or 3G or their mommy and show them that there's a big ol' world out there that really care nothing for their self-righteous indignation.

Because most of the world is just trying to survive.

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